3 Syllable Boy Names Ready for Your List & Their Meanings

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3 Syllable Boy Names It can be difficult to find your favorite names for a baby amongst the thousands of options available. If you want to take it a step further and have narrowed down your choices to classics, then three-syllable boy names may be the answer.

This list also includes the 204 most popular three-syllable boy names. These names have just the right number of syllables for them to be easy on the tongue, while still leaving room for fun nicknames.

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What Is A Three-Syllable Name?

3 Syllable Boy Names

Three-syllable baby names are the perfect balance between a short middle name and a long last name. They also sound good with a two- or one-syllable name.

Young parents should put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect name for their sons since their names are important in establishing a positive image among their peers and in society.

Popular three-syllable baby names for boys

The impression that a baby boy has intelligence and class is enhanced by a unique name. The majority of parents prefer names that have some sort of origin. It doesn’t matter if the origin is biblical, Latin, or Greek, as long as it has meaning and a positive effect.

Many parents also want to choose a name that has a specific number of syllables for their son. Baby boy names that have three syllables are more impactful than those with one or two syllables.

Three-syllable names are more mature and sound bigger. Parents prefer to give their sons a meaningful three-syllable name. These are the top three-syllable names for boy babies with meanings.

1. Abraham

The name is of Biblical origin and means “father to many nations”. This name is a variant of Avraham. Abram and Papi, are two popular nicknames for this name.

2. Adonis

Adonis derives from the Semitic name “Adonai”, which means “lord”. The name is rooted in Greek mythology, and it’s associated with super-handsome people. Don or Donnie are popular nicknames for the name.

3. Adrien

This name for a boy is of Hebrew origin, and it means “from Adria”. This name is a combination of Hadrianus, Adrian, and Hadrianus.

4. Alexis

Alexis is an alternate spelling of Alexander, which means “helper” or “defender”. The name has Biblical origins. Alex is a popular short version of the name.

5. Alonzo

This name has an Italian origin. This three-syllable popular name means “Noble”.

6. Anderson

This popular boy’s three-syllable name means “son Of Anders”. This name is of Scandinavian origin.

7. Anthony

Anthony is a male name of Roman origin. The name comes from Mark Antony, Marcus Antonius. The Latin name “priceless” means.

8. Benjamin

This Hebrew name means “son right-hand”. It is sometimes referred to as the youngest child in the family. Ben is a popular diminutive of the name.

9. Cameron

Cameron has a Gaelic origin and a Scottish meaning. The name is a popular one that means “bent or bent nose”.

10. Christopher

Christopher is one of the most popular names for boys of English origin. It means “Christ-bearer or Christ-bearing”. The name Christopher is derived from the Greek “Christophoros”.

11. Coleman

This Irish boy’s name is 3 syllables and means “dark skin” or “dove”. This is also a surname of English origin meaning “burner or charcoal”.

12. Daniel

Daniel is a popular name for boys of Portuguese origin. The name literally translates to “God is my judge”.

13. Dominic

This Latin-American boy’s surname is a variant of Dominicus. The name is Latin for “Lord”.

14. Elijah

Elijah, a name of Hebrew origin that means “the Lord is God”, is unique.

15. Elliot

The name is a Scottish variation of Elias. The name is a variation of Elias and has Scottish origins.

16. Emerson

Emerson, which means “son of Emery”, is a very popular name for boys. The name is also a sign of a brave or powerful person.

17. Enrique

The name Hendrik is of Spanish descent. The name literally means “head” of the household.

18. Fernando

This Spanish name has the meaning “adventurer”, or “brave traveler”. This name is a variation of Ferdinand, which has German origin.

19. Francisco

This elegant name is of Spanish origin and means “a Frenchman”. This name is a variation of Franciscus.

20. Gianno

Gianno is a variation of Johannes. This elegant name means, “God is gracious”.

21. Gregory

Gregory is the name of several Popes. It is an English version of the Latin name Gregorius, which means “vigilant”, and “on the lookout” and implies a person who is vigilant.

22. Guillermo

This name is a Spanish variation of Wilhelm. The name is a sign of strength, meaning “with a will as strong and a helmet”.

23. Harrison

Many popular men have been named after this name. The name Harry is of English origin. It’s also a popular last name.

24. Jeffery

Jeffery is an English name that means “Peace of God”. It is also available in a shorter form.

25. Jeremy

Jeremy, meaning “appointed by God”, is a Medieval English variant of Jeremiah.

26. Jonathan

Jonathan is a Hebrew name for a boy. It is a variant of Yehonatan. The name means “gift from God”.

27. Julius

The name “Julus” is Greek in origin.

28. Leonardo

Leonardo is an Italian variation of Leonhard. The popular name “Lion; Hard” implies a person who is strong and courageous. Leonardo’s famous pet, Leo.

29. Livinus

It is a 3 syllable name with a popular reference to Saint Livinus, and Livinus de Ghent who was an apostle popular in Flanders and Brabant.

30. Lucian

Lucian, which means “light” or “illumination”, is a variant of Luke. Latin-American is the origin of this name.

31. Lucifer

The Hebrew name for “Bringer Of Light” is “Bringer”.

32. Michael

Michael is a popular Hebrew name that means “who is similar to God” or “a human being like God”.

33. Nathaniel

The name is a variant of Netanyahu, which has Hebrew origins. The name literally means “God gave”.

34. Nicholas

This Greek name means “victory by the people”, or “loved” by everyone. This name is a variant of Nicolaas.

35. Oliver

Oliver, a Latin-American name that means “eleven”, is very popular. Olivier is another variation.

36. Orlando

Orlando is an Italian version of Roland. The name is a nickname for a well-known person.

37. Reginald

This name has a royal-sounding German origin. This name is a variant of Reynold, which means “ruler”.

38. Remington

This English name means “a settlement along a riverbank” or “a person from the raven estate”.

39. Ricardo

Ricardo, a Spanish variation of Richard, is also a popular name. This popular name is a variation of Richard and means “strong, brave”.

40. Roberto

Roberto is an Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese boy’s first name. The name is a combination of Robert and the High German name Hrodebert, which means “bright with glories”.

41. Rodrigo

Rodrigo, a Spanish name, is a variation of Roderick. The name is a variation of Roderik, which has Spanish origins.

42. Samuel

Names with Biblical references mean “asked God”. Samuel was a Hebrew prophet and judge who appeared in the Bible.

43. Sebastian

Sebastian is an extremely popular name, and it’s also the name of St. Sebastian. The Greek name “venerable” means “respected”.

44. Sergio

The name is Sergio means “servant”, which implies a person who is obedient. The name is a Latin-American variant of Sergius.

45. Theodore

Theodore means “divine gift” in Greek.

46. Timothy

Timothy is a Biblical name that means “a person who honors God”.

47. Vladimir

This Slovak name is derived from Wladimir and means “by the famous rule”.

48. William

William is one of the most popular English boy names. It means, “with a strong and determined will like a helmet”.This name is ideal for a boy who has a strong will.

49. Xavier

Xavier comes from the Latin language and means “savior”.

50. Zachary

The name is of Hebrew origin and means “God remembered the Lord” or “God remembered”.

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Attractive 3 Syllable Boy Names

These are some appealing 3 syllable boy names that will make your ears ring when you hear them called out. Select the one that best suits your son’s personality.

1. Adrie

Adriel is a Hebrew name that means “my help is from God” or a “flock of God”.

2. Avery

Avery is both a French name and an English one that means “ruler of the elves.”

3. Gianni

Gianni can be used for both girls and boys, with the meaning of “God’s graciousness”.

4. Julian

The name Julianus is derived. Julian means “young in heart”.

5. Lorenzo

The name comes from the Roman surname Laurentius which means “from Laurentum”.

Three-Syllable Lucky Names for Boys

We want our babies to have the best possible environment. Why not name them? These are some of the best lucky names that you can give your son.

1. Bendito

In English, bandito means “blessed with the sun”.

2. Benedict

Benedict is a Latin name for a male that means “blessed”.

3. Boniface

Boniface, as a boy’s name, is of Latin descent. It means “fortunate”, or “auspicious”.

4. Gadie

Gadie is a Hebrew name for boys that means “my fortune”.

5. Hannibal

Hannibal, a Phoenician boy’s name, means “grace to Baal”.

6. Macario

Macario is an etymologically diverse name that can mean “fortunate”, “extremely blessed” or “supernaturally fortunate.”

7. Venturo

The name Venturo, a Spanish boy’s name, means “good luck” or “good fortune”.

8. Veasna

Veasna, a Cambodian surname of Sanskrit descent, means “lucky” or “fortunate”.

9. Victory

Victory, a Latin name that is gender-neutral, means “winning”.

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Popular Three-Syllable Boy Names

No man shall remain a child forever. These names will be perfect for your little guy when he grows up and becomes that handsome hunk:

1. Apollo

Apollo is a Greek-derived male name that will highlight the ferocious nature of your child. This name, which means “destroyer,” is also the name of an important character in Greek and Roman mythology.

2. Armani

The name Armani has an Italian origin. It is gender-neutral. Armani is a name that means “child of Armano” or “fighter”. It’s usually a surname, but recently it has gained popularity as a given name.

3. Damian

Damian, a traditionally Greek gender-neutral male name, is linked to the words ‘Damianos” and “Damon,” which mean ‘to subdue’ or tame.

4. Cassius

Cassius is a Latin name that means “vain” and is usually given to boys.

5. Donovan

The Irish name Donovan is a nickname for a dark-haired or brown-headed chieftain.

6. Eduardo

The Spanish and Portuguese name Edward is the Spanish equivalent.

7. Emilio

Emilio is a boy’s name with Italian origins that means “to excel” or to “strive”.

8. Esteban

Esteban is a Spanish name for boys that means “crown”.

9. Finnegan

Finnegan, a name of Irish origin that means “fair”, “white”, or “fair”, is a gender-neutral male name.

10. Gabriel

The name is Gabriel is of Hebrew origin and means “God’s strength”.Most commonly, it is given to boys.

11. Giovanni

Giovanni is an Italian boy’s name that means “God has been gracious”.

12. Isaiah

The Hebrew name for Isaiah is God is Salvation.

13. Ismael

Ismael, a name for a boy with Arabic and Hebrew origins. The name is a spelling variant of Ishmael and means “God hears”.

14. Israel

Israel is of Hebrew origin and has no gender. The name Israel is derived from the Hebrew word Yisrael, which means “God persists”, just like a Middle Eastern nation.

15. Jamison

The name Jamison is a male-given name that is of English origin. It means “son James”.

16. Javier

Spanish-born Javier is a name for men. It means “new home”.

17. Kamari

Moon is “Kamari”, which is primarily a female name of Arabic origin.

18. Leonel

Leonel is a male name with an American origin. It means “like a Lion”.

19. Malachi

Malachi is a boy’s name that means “messenger from God” in Hebrew.

20. Mateo

Mateo is a Spanish name for men that means “gift from God”.

Short 3 Syllable Boy Names

Who wouldn’t want a short, sweet name for their son in this age of convenience? Here are some names that have only three syllables:

1. Amari

The name Amari comes from Hebrew and means “eternal.”

2. Amias

Amias, a Latin name for boys that means “calm” and “beloved”, is an attractive choice.

3. Arian

Arian, a Welsh boy’s surname with deep roots in Greek mythology, is basically a Welsh name. It is mainly “silver”.

4. Diego

Diego, a name of Spanish origin, means “supplanter.”

5. Emery

Emery, a name of British origin that is gender-neutral, means “powerful and devoted”.

6. Omari

The name Omari is a joy to hear. Its meaning, “flourishing”, has been around for centuries. It comes from Swahili culture.

7. Romeo

Romeo, a boy’s name with Italian origins, means “pilgrim or Roman”.

8. Tadeo

Tadeo, a male name with Spanish origins that means “praise”, is very popular.

9. Uriel

Uriel is a masculine name of Hebrew origin. The phrase “God is my flame” means that I am God’s light.

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Rare Three-Syllable Baby Names

Rare names are unique. These names are special and unique, giving your baby an edge over others. Here are some rare three-syllable baby names:

1. Adeon

Adeon, a Welsh name for boys, is of Welsh origin. As the saying goes, it means “royal”.

2. Callahan

Callahan, a name of Irish origin, is given primarily to boys. It is “little bright-headed” or “devotees to the church”.

3. Casiano

The name Casiano is derived from the Etruscan word ‘Cassus’ (Cassnus), which means “metal helmet.”

4. Cosimo

Order is a name for a man of Italian descent.

5. Giacomo

Giacomo is a name with Italian origins that means “supplanter”.

6. Hillery

The meaning of the Latin name Hillery for boys is “joyful or cheerful”.

7. Laramie

Laramie, a name of French origin with a gender-neutral meaning, means “from groves”.

8. Llewellyn

Llewellyn is a Welsh name for men that means “leader”.

9. Niccolo

The name Niccolo is given to boys by Italians. It is an Italianised version of Nicholas. It means “people’s triumph”.

10. Ostadar

It is a Basque boy’s name. It means “rainbow”.

11. Quirinus

Quirinus is a name that’s primarily for men. It means “spear”, in Latin and Roman.

12. Raulin

The name Raulin is a boy’s name that means “young wolf of wisdom” in both Scandinavian and English.

13. Rhisiart

Rhisiart, a Welsh name for a baby boy, means “brave ruler”.

14. Sabino

Sabino is a Latin name that means “wise” in Spanish.

15. Septimus

In general, boys are called Septimus in Latin.

16. Sulien

Sulien is the Welsh name for a baby boy that means “sun-born”.

17. Takeo

Takeo is the Japanese name for a baby boy that means “strong like bamboo”.

18. Tarian

Tarian, a Welsh boy’s or girl’s name that means “shield”, is suitable for both girls and boys.

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Three-syllable old-fashioned boy names

The names that sound old-fashioned are not what they look like. These names are classic and traditional, and will always make your baby proud of his or her heritage. Here are some old-fashioned names that you can choose from:

1. Atticus

Atticus, a name for boys with Latin and Greek origins that means “from Attica”, is also a popular choice.

2. Edison

Thomas Edison is the most famous person to be associated with the surname Edison. It’s a British name that means “son of Edward”.

3. Ellery

The name is Ellery is a gender-neutral English name that means “joyful”.

4. Everett

Everett is a name that means “wild boar’s herd” and is usually given to a man of English descent.

5. Fabian

Fabian is an Italian name for a baby boy that means “bean farmer”.

6. Jameson

Jameson is a name that most commonly refers to a male of English descent. It means “son” of James.

7. Jefferson

The English name Jefferson is known as “son of Jeffrey”.

8. Solomon

Boys are usually given the Hebrew name Solomon which means “peaceful”.

9. Tobias

Tobias, a name of Greek origin, is given to boys primarily and means “God is good”.

Badass 3 Syllable Names for Boys

Here are some cool names for boys that will make them stand out.

1. Adrian

Adrian is derived from Hadrianus. Hadrianus is a popular Roman name that means “from Hadria”.

2. Dakota

It is a gender-neutral, striking name that comes from the Native American Sioux tribe. It means “friend”.

3. Frederick

Frederick is a Gaelic name for a boy. It means “peaceful leader”.

4. Garrison

Garrison is a surname that comes from the English words “son Gerard” and “son Garret”.

5. Gideon

Gideon, a Hebrew boy’s name that means “great warrior”, is the most popular.

6. Killian

Killian is an Irish masculine name that means “bright-headed”.

7. Maverick

Maverick has Native American origins and is gender-neutral. It means “a man with an independent mind who does not conform to others”.

8. Washington

Washington is an Old English name for a boy that means “an intelligent owner of land”.

Every parent wants their son to have a name that is meaningful and unique. When choosing a boy’s name, try to choose a unique one with three syllables and elegant meanings. The name will have a good sound and a good meaning.

Meaningful names are timeless and indicate good virtues. A meaningful name can help the child project a positive image. As they grow, boys with meaningful and unique names are treated with respect and seriousness.

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