Catholic Baby Names for Girls and Boys

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Catholic Baby Names Your faith can provide a great deal of inspiration when it comes to naming your child. You may want to select a name that reflects your Catholic faith if you feel a strong connection to it.

Names like Mary, Theresa, and Dominic for girls and Paul and Dominic for boys all have Catholic roots.

Unisex names such as Micah and Angel also make popular choices for Catholic baby names. Browse our list of Catholic baby names to find a name that appeals to you.

Unique Catholic Baby Names

Catholic Baby Names

This brainstorming process has produced a list of many names. I am a bit sad that we can only use one (for the moment).

This list is shared in the hope that my brainstorming of Catholic baby names will not go to waste. You might find the perfect baby name!

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Catholic Baby Names for Boys

  • Ambrose // St. Ambrose, a brilliant and charismatic preacher, convinced St. Augustine of the existence of God.
  • Asher // One Jacob’s twelve sons
  • Beckett = After St. Thomas Beckett, the martyr.
  • Blaise // Named after St. Blaise, a doctor, and a priest.
  • Bosco // Instead of the popular and typical “John”, go with Bosco, and give your son the amazing patronage of St. John Bosco.
  • Constantine // The Emperor who legalized Christianity, and stopped persecutions against the early Church.
  • Cyrus // Named after King Cyrus of Persia, who liberated the Israelites from Babylonian exile. They were also allowed to return to Jerusalem.
  • Damien // Named after the scientist St. Damien
  • Drexel // Male alternative under the patronage of St. Katherine Drexel
  • Fulton Sheen // This one is also on my shortlist.
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins, a Catholic priest who is best known for his poem “Dappled Things,” was also famous for being a poet.
  • G.K.
  • Guy // He is named after Guy Fawkes, though he’s not a saint. However, he took a stand against the outlawing of Catholicism in England.
  • Ignatius // Select either Ignatius from Antioch or Ignatius Loyola as his patron. Iggy is also a great nickname.
  • Jerome // The Bible may not have been translated into English from the original Greek without St. Jerome.
  • Judah, Jude, or another son of Jacob? ).
  • Louis // Named after St. Louis Martin the father of Little Flower.
  • Merton // Thomas Merton is a Catholic mystic, monk, and writer.
  • Rex // This name means “king” in Latin, so you could give your son the name Christ the King.
  • Shepherd // He would have a classic Southern namesake, the Good Shepherd. You could even call him “Shep”.
  • Simeon // A son of Jacob who is also a prophet that foretells Mary’s Sorrowful heart.
  • Solanus Casey // A cute nickname for Solanus Casey is “Sully” or “Casey”. ).
  • Titus // The companion of St. Paul.
  • Urban // If you are a Buckeyes fan, this is a double treat!
  • Xavier // Named after the missionary St. Francis Xavier.

Catholic Baby Names for Girls

  • Angelica // The feisty EWTN founder or after the choirs in Heaven.
  • Brielle // Simplify the name “Gabrielle”, but still give your daughter the name of the archangel.
  • Caeli // This is pronounced “cha-lee”, and it’s part of the Latin Marian Antiphon “Regina Caeli”, or in English “Queen Of Heaven”.
  • Charlotte // It may seem a stretch but Pope St. John Paul II was born Karol in Poland, which is the masculine version of Charlotte.
  • Colbie // Maximilian Kolbe, another Polish Saint.
  • Dinah // Dinah is the only daughter of Jacob, who had twelve sons.
  • Dorothy // Named after Dorothy Day, the saint or servant of God (also known as “Dot” and “Dottie”)
  • Edie // You can name your daughter after St. Edith Stein, without sounding like a grandmother.
  • Faustina // It’s a bit of a mouthful but what an amazing patron she would be! (You could call her Tina for short!)
  • Felicity // After a new mother and an early Christian martyr
  • Flannery // Flannery was a devout Catholic and a brilliant author.
  • Jael // An Old Testament female who kills a general of the enemy army while he is sleeping to aid the Israelite Army.
  • Christ was baptized in the Jordan River.
  • Keturah // This is the name that Abraham gave to the woman he married after Sarah’s death.
  • Lily // Named after St. Joseph, one of the most revered saints in heaven.
  • Leah // Although she may not have loved her husband, Jacob, the Bible says that God was favoring her.
  • Philomena // Named after the young Greek princess martyred because she refused to marry a Roman official.
  • Phoebe = This is the name of the friend of St. Paul who delivered the letter to the Romans.
  • Rosary // An alternative for those who are devoted to Our Lady. (You could call her “Rosie”)
  • Sarai = Sarah’s original name, before God changed it.
  • Siena // “Catherine”, is a common name, but “Siena”, is unique to this Doctor of The Church.
  • Stella: Another Marian name after Our Lady Star of the Sea.
  • Talitha //a Hebrew word for “little girl,” Jesus used this phrase to resurrect the daughter of Jaris (Tali would be a cute name).
  • Verity // Derived by “veritas”, which is Latin for truth, this name has been popularized by Puritans. It reminds me of Pontius Pilate struggling to see the truth.
  • Zelie // St. Zelie, who was canonized only recently, is the mother of St. Therese.

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More Catholic Baby Names!

  • This book contains a variety of Marian names, both for boys and girls. This book is a wonderful resource if you are looking for a Marian name to honor Our Lady.
  • This book contains over 10,000 Catholic baby names. It is a must for any Catholic expecting mother!
  • Check out this list of unique Biblical names for your baby!

What to Take Into Account When Selecting a Catholic Baby Name

When you begin to explore Catholic baby names, there are many directions that you can take. You can choose a saint or angel name or another Catholic baby name.

But you should find a name that speaks to your heart. Choose a name that works well with the baby’s surname.

You can also try out the middle name to make sure you like it. Do not forget to check your initials so that you do not accidentally spell something! Consider nicknames for your baby or for nicknames that may be given to them whether you like it or dislike it.

It’s important to be prepared that some Catholic names can be quite long.

After narrowing down your options, you can head to your local park to hear if any of your favorite names are being called. Choosing Catholic baby names will bring the name of your baby even closer to you.

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