The Largest List of Bong Names – What Makes a Good Bong Name

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There are many fun and unique words that describe ” bong”. This article will explore a few terms used by others to describe their smoking apparatus. Take a puff and enjoy learning about the Bong Names used around the globe!

This guide will help you in your quest, whether you are planning to travel someday, you are new to smoking terminology, or you just want to learn more about the different names for bongs. This guide will even include some of the quirky names that smokers have given their own devices.

There is no doubt that the cannabis and smoking community is full of creative, innovative people. We’re excited to take you on a fascinating journey of the names and their history.

What are the terms you’ve heard for bongs before? Read on to learn about bong names around the world, no matter where you smoke and how you consume.

Top 50 Bong Names

Bong Names

We have compiled a list with the top 50 bongs’ names. They range from cool, hippie to funny. Also, some tips on how to choose the name of your new smoking buddy.

  1. Lana del Blaze
  2. SamWise Ganja
  3. Bong Jeremy
  4. LeBong James
  5. Bong Solo
  6. Bong Travolta
  7. Tim Tebowl
  8. Big Bertha
  9. Curly Jefferson
  10. Sylvester Stillstoned
  11. Hannah Bongtanna
  12. Jay and Silent Bong
  13. Puff Daddy
  14. Dank Sinatra
  15. Bongkey Kong
  16. James Bong
  17. The Rolling Stoned
  18. Willy Bongka
  19. Supreme Leader Smoke
  20. Barack Obonga
  21. Jon Bong Jovi
  22. Long Bong Silver
  23. James Danko
  24. Wesley Pipes
  25. Bong Burgundy
  26. Bongye West
  27. Billy Bong Thorton
  28. Kim Bong-Un
  29. Trey Bongz
  30. Bong Saget
  31. Action Bongson
  32. Bongo Mars
  33. George W. Kush
  34. Jack the Ripper
  35. Au Bong Pain
  36. Bong Crosby
  37. Kim Bong Ill
  38. Big Smoke
  39. Bob the Bubbler
  40. Donkey Bong
  41. Eva Bongoria
  42. Bongy Mcbongface
  43. Sir Ripsalot
  44. Bong Joon Ho-lyshit
  45. Bong Nye the Science High
  46. Kevin
  47. Afrika Bongbatta
  48. The Drag Master
  49. Albert Einstoned
  50. Michelle Obonga


Stoners love puns and jokes. The stoner community loves to name their pieces and have fun in the process.

Here are some examples of creative names for bongs:

  • Bongye West
  • Barack Obanga aka the Commander in Kief
  • LeBong James
  • Puff Daddy
  • Bong Solo
  • Bong Travolta
  • Jay and Silent Bong
  • Bongkey Kong
  • The Rolling Stoned
  • Willy Bongka
  • Jon Bong Jovi
  • Long Bong Silver
  • Wesley Pipes
  • Tim Tebowl
  • George W. Kush
  • Dank Sinatra
  • Sylvester Stillstoned
  • Bong Burgundy

You can see that the community is very inventive! It’s fun to make your own list! You and your friends may find yourselves rolling…on the ground, that is.

But not all names are funny. You can either name your bong Stanley or give it a meaningful title.


The names of bongs are often a reflection of the people who use them. The humor and calmness of those who smoke from bongs are easily appreciated.

You can also enjoy bongs more if you know their history. Each name is a result of the evolution of smoking cultures and devices across different geographies and cultural groups. How many unique names can you find?

How To Come Up With Your Own Bong Names

These names are great, but some people may want to create their own to make their bong unique.

With so many options, naming your pet, child, and bong can be a challenge.

Here are a few simple steps that will help you through this process.

Step 1: Define What You Would Like to Express With Your Bong Name

It is important to consider this when naming your bong. When you know what you’re trying to say when you or your friends use the bong you can make naming easier.

You want a clever name that captures the essence and style of a stoner. Maybe a name such as The Drag Master or Big Smoke will do.

Do you want a name that will make people laugh? Choose a name such as Kim-Bong UN, or The Rolling Stoned.

It can be fun to turn your favorite celebrity’s name into a bong. Someone named their bong “Trey Bongz” after their favorite rapper.

It can also be useful to name your bong based on its features or size. A bong with strong hits might be paired well with names such as Commander in Kief, or Puff the Magic Dragon.

Consider the type of smoking session that your bong provides to help you decide on what to name your device.

Does it provide dabs as well? Do you smoke a lot of kief? Do you like small or big hits? You may want to name your song after a musician or celebrity you admire. You can use these to make the naming process easier.

Step 2: Identify Unique Features or Characteristics

As mentioned above, getting to know your bong will help you choose a name.

What is a bong?

Is there a special feature or design on the bong? What color is the bong you have? What is the color of your bong? What style of bong does it have: straight tube, beaker, or ash catcher?

Knowing the characteristics of your bong will help you come up with ideas on what to call it based on its style and appearance.

Step 3: Get Brainstorming!

It is now time to start brainstorming!

You can play with words, create a list or use our list as inspiration. Or, you can even try a bong generator!

FAQ About Bong Name

What is the meaning of Bong’s Name?

The meaning of the Bong name is a Mythical bird phoenix.

What is the Rashi/Zodiac of Bong Name?

The Bong name Rashi/Zodiac for Taurus is Vrishabha (B, V. U. W.).

What is the Nakshatra of Bong Name?

The Bong Name Nakshatra is Mrigashira/Magayiriyam (Ve, Vo, Ka, Ki, Be, Bo).

What is the Numerology details of Bong Name?

Bong Name Numerology Details are Numerology Number 2, Destiny number 2, Inner Dream number 5, Soul Urge number 6, Personality 5 & Heart’s Desire Number 6

How many Vowels & Consonants in Name Bong?

Name Bong has 6 vowels and 5 consonants.

What is the Religion of the Name Bong?

The religion of the Bong name is Christian.

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