Preppy Boy Names for Your Little One

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Preppy Boy Names – Do you see your son’s future filled with Ivy League colleges and varsity letters? Choose a name that will give him an advantage.

Why Choose a Preppy Boy Name?

Preppy Boy Names

Since the first polo shirts appeared in 1980, being preppy was cool. Preppy has traditionally been used to describe youths from upper-class families who attend Ivy League schools and are born with money.

However, the term is now more inclusive and reflects style and attitude than direct lineage. Choose a name that will evoke a stylish, clean-cut appearance that is not influenced by trends.

Polo sweaters, collared shirts, and J.Crew Khakis. Blazers and ties with J.Crew Khakis. This type of boy is a tennis player at Phillips Exeter Academy and a rower at Yale. He grows up to be able to swing a golf club every Sunday at the country club.

He is confident, wealthy, and successful. Preppy names embody all of these qualities and are given to their owners in hopes that they can also be intelligent, sophisticated, and prosperous.

What’s In a Name?

Does the right name give your son what you want? Maybe! There are other, more effective ways of setting a child up to succeed, such as reading to him aloud from birth and spending a lot of time with them. A name with a preppy sound certainly won’t hurt.

You don’t need to pick a name that corresponds to the life you envision for your son. You may love the sound of preppy names, or you might have English, Irish, or German ancestry. There is no particular background to a “preppy name”, but many names in this category are Old English or Gaelic.

It is important to pick a name you love and one that has meaning to you. Browse our list of 75 names for preppy boys to get some ideas.

Names that Start with A to C but Are Preppy

  • Aiden is an Irish name that means “fire”, “little fiery one”, or “little fire”.
  • Albert – German for “noble”, “bright”
  • Alden – English, means “wise friend”
  • Greek name Alexander means “to defend, to protect”
  • Alrich is a German word that means “wise ruler”, “noble leader”
  • Anders (Scandinavian) means “strong, manly”
  • Andrew – Greek, means “masculine, manly”
  • Archer is the English word for “archer”.
  • Asher is a term used in English to mean “ash-maker”.
  • In Old English, Ashton is known as the “Town of Ash Trees.”
  • Avery is a German word that means “elf ruler”.
  • English: “river banks”, also known as a bank.
  • Barrett: “As powerful as a Tiger”.
  • Beckett is Middle English for “stream” or “brook”.
  • Blaine – Scottish, means “yellow”
  • Blake – Old English for “pale”.
  • Bradley is a broad meadow in English.
  • Brendan – Irish, means “prince”
  • Brentley is an English word that means “hill meadow”.
  • Brian – Irish for “high” or noble
  • Bryce – Scottish, means “speckled”
  • Camden is Old English for “enclosed valley”.
  • Cart – English is “one who uses a cart”.
  • The old English word for “battle”, Chad
  • Chandler is a French word that means “candle seller”.
  • Christian – Medieval Latin is “follower of Christ”
  • Christopher (Greek for “carry Christ in your heart”)
  • Clayton is a “settlement made of good clay”.
  • Clifford is an English word that means “cliff ford”.
  • Conner – Irish means “lover wolves”
  • Conrad is a German word that means “brave counsel”.
  • Cooper – Middle English, means “barrel maker”

Names for Preppy Boys Beginning with D through J

  • Damien is a French word that means “to subdue or tame”.
  • Darcy is Irish Gaelic and means “dark”.
  • Dean – English means “church official”.
  • Declan, an Irish name, means “man who prays”, or “full of goodness”.
  • Dimitri is a Greek name that means “follower or disciple of Demeter goddess of the harvest”.
  • Donovan – Irish, means “dark”
  • Edward – English means “wealth and fortune”
  • Elliot is French for “Jehovah Is God”.
  • Fisherman – English means “fisherman”.
  • Fletcher is an English word that means “arrow maker”.
  • Graham is an English word that means “grey house”
  • Grant – French, means “grand, large”
  • Griffin – Welsh, means “strong prince”
  • Harrison – Old English means “son Harry”
  • Jackson – Old English for “son or Jack”.
  • Jefferson – Old English for “son or Jeffery”
  • Jonathan – Hebew means “God gave”
  • Justin – Latin, means “fair, righteous”

Names that Start with K through Z but are Preppy for Boys

  • Kellen – Irish means “powerful fighter”
  • Kennedy – Irish, Scottish, means “helmeted chief”
  • Kieren – Irish, means “dark”
  • Lance – German, means “servant”
  • Leland is an English word that means “meadowland”
  • Welsh for “grey-haired” (or “sacred”) is Lloyd.
  • Miles – Latin, means “soldier”
  • Mitchell – Scottish means “like a lord”.
  • Parker – English means “keeper or the park”
  • Patrick – Latin, means “nobleman”
  • Quincy is a French word that means “estate for the fifth son”.
  • Quinton – English, means “queen’s estate”
  • Reece is a Welsh word that means “ardent and fiery”.
  • Rhett – Dutch, means “advice”
  • Spencer is Middle English for “dispenser” or “provisions”.
  • Sterling – English means “excellent quality”
  • Taylor – English means “tailor”.
  • Timothy – Greek means “to honor God”
  • Thatcher – Middle English: “a thatcher” (one who covers roofs in straw).
  • Thomas – Aramaic means “twin”.
  • Tristan – Welsh, means “sorrowful”
  • Wesley is Old English for “western meadow”.
  • William – Old French means “willful protection”.
  • Wills – Old French for “will” or desire
  • Winston – Middle English means “wine city”

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Unique Preppy Boy Names

Finding a name that is both rare and time-honored can be difficult, especially with the popularity of preppy names. You need a name that is distinct and stands out. This list contains unique names that are considered to be rare but still represent prestige.

  • Ace
  • Apollo
  • Archie
  •  Ashton
  • Atlas
  • banks
  • Baron
  • Baylor
  • Blaze
  • Bodhi
  • Boone
  •  Brady
  •  Brodie
  • Caleb
  • Calloway
  • Callus
  • Carson
  • Casey
  • Clouds
  • Solomon
  • The house
  • According to
  • Tobias
  • Toby
  • Tripp
  • Troy
  • Ty
  • Watson
  •  Wells
  •  West
  • Willard
  •  Wilson
  • Wolf
  • Wyatt
  • Xander
  • Xavier
  • Zachary
  • Zephyr

Preppy boy names for a prestigious future

Imagine your son attending an Ivy League School like Harvard or Yale. Why not give them a name that will promote their success in the future? These names may not guarantee Harvard acceptance, but you will certainly be on your way to success.

These names are sophisticated and upper-class. Think polo shirts and Oxford button-downs. Also, think of prep schools and boat shoes. Here are 20 classic baby boy names with a preppy twist.

1. Avery

Avery, a name of English origin that is unisex, means “elf counsel or an elf king.” Originally intended for boys, Avery has a whimsical and airy feel, which is perfect for girls.

2. Bradley

Bradley is a unisex English name that means “broad clearing”. Charles Dickens used it in his novel. Bradley is a name that sounds traditional and sweet, but also courageous. Bradley and Brad Pitt are two celebrities who have made this name popular.

3. Campbell

Campbell, a Scottish and Irish unisex surname, means “crooked teeth”. It is also a lovely first name that can be shortened to Cam.

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6. Cooper

Cooper is a unisex English name that means “barrel maker”. was the English occupational name given to a person who made and repaired wooden vessels, such as barrels and tubs? It is cute, fun, and full of energy. This is a great unisex option for your baby!

5. Crew

The name Crew comes from the Old Welsh word crib, which means “weir”. The crew is also the name of an apparel brand and a sport. Crew. It’s fresh and cute, but it also has a sporty, masculine vibe.

6. Easton

Easton is a unisex, Scottish, and English name that means “east settlement”. It can be derived from the habitational names of any of the many places with the same name. Easton is a name that carries a subtle defiance, and it’s incendiary.

7. Everett

Everett, a boy’s English name, means “boar-strong.” It gained popularity in the 19th century. Everett is a name that conjures up an Ivy-League heritage. It’s also a good alternative to Emmett.

8. Graham

The name Graham, which is of English and Scottish origins, means “gravelly homestead”. In the 12th Century, Sir William de Graham brought the surname from England to Scotland, and it has since become associated with Scotland and Ireland. Graham is a name with a strong, warm sound. It is also classic and under-used.

9. Grayson

Grayson, a boy’s name with English origins, means: “son or steward”. Grayson was first used as a surname in the 18th Century but only became popular by the middle of the 20th century. Grayson is a gorgeous first name that was once a surname and is both stylish and powerful.

10. Hayes

Hayes, a boy’s surname with several meanings and origins, is popular in Ireland. Hayes, a boy’s name from Ireland, is an anglicized version of the Gaelic last name O hoodia.

It means “descendant” of Aodh or Aed, a mythological Irish god. The name is from the 11th century but feels fresh and current.

11. Hudson

Hudson is an English boy’s surname that means “son of Hudd”. The most notable bearer is the English navigator and explorer Henry Hudson. Hudson has a rugged and American sound, which we believe is the perfect combination for boys.

12. Mason

Mason is an unisex, English name that means “stoneworker”. It was first used in the 12th Century as a surname for someone who could cut and shape stone. Mason is an attractive name for boys that is both spunky and cute.

13. Parker

The name Parker, which is of English origin and means “park keeper,” comes from the occupational surname parc in Middle English. The name is Parker is a medieval English name but has a modern feel.

14. Pierce

Piers, a Norman form of Peter, is the origin of this boy’s name. It is also a popular English, Welsh, and Irish name. Pierce is an elegant, classic, and distinguished one-syllable boy’s name. It has a James Bond feel.

15. Spencer

Spencer is an unisex, English name that means “dispenser” or “provider of provisions”. It became popular as a boy’s name in the 19th century, but its popularity soared dramatically during the 1980s, 90s, and early 2000s.

Spencer Hastings, a character in Pretty Little Liars, has made the name more suitable for girls. A girl called Spencer might be known as Penny.

16. Sterling

Sterling is an unproven boy’s name. It is most likely derived from Middle English sterling or “starling”, a bird named, or Middle English sterre + -ling. Sterling is a classic name with regal undertones.

17. Tanner

Tanner can be a name for boys of English, Dutch, or German origin. The English or Dutch form of the name was used as a surname by someone who tanned leather skins. The rugged, handsome surname is now a first name.

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18. Wilder

Wilder is a unisex, English-derived name that means “untamed animal”. It was first used in Bavaria to describe people based on their personal characteristics or other attributes.

Wilder is a name that can be both hipster and preppy. It’s a name for adventurous people.

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