Best Chemical Stocks in India

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A country’s chemical industry has a significant impact on the growth of its industrial and agricultural sectors.

Also, it provides raw materials for a variety of downstream businesses, such as those that produce papers, paints, textiles, soaps, detergents, and more.

Specialty chemicals can be employed alone or in combination with a number of other chemicals to efficiently contribute to the manufacture of any product, depending on their applications and performance.

Also, this sector employs more than 80,000 people and includes a wide range of final-use application businesses.

Due to India’s closeness to the Middle East, which is the world’s main supply of petrochemical feedstock, scale economies are possible.

In India, there are about 2 million individuals working in the chemical sector.

Specialty chemicals can be further classified into a number of categories according to their end-use sectors, such as personal care products, dyes and pigments, agrochemicals, polymer additives, water chemicals, textile chemicals, and application-driven segments, among others.

India is a key global provider of dyes, contributing around 16% of the world’s total production of dye-related goods and dye intermediates.

These goods are also essential to a wide range of other industrial fields, such as textiles, food, cosmetics, agriculture, automotive, and aerospace.

Chemical industry stockpiles are projected to increase as a result of India’s increasing demand for chemical goods.

The population of the middle class is also expanding quickly, which has a substantial influence on the demand for clothes, food, and transportation.

We have produced a list of the top 10 chemical stocks in India in 2023 in this blog due to the end-user industry’s development increasing the need for specialty chemicals in the country and growing the share of Chemical Stocks.

Diversifying an investor’s holdings will reduce risk exposure and boost possible earnings. In recent years, the Indian chemical platform has gained enormous international recognition.

Since it has developed, the Indian chemical industry has come to dominate a number of other industries, including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and others. These chemical companies have succeeded better than many other industries.

Let’s take a closer look at the top chemical stocks for 2023.

List of India’s Top Chemical Stocks for 2023

A list of some of the top chemical stocks to purchase is provided below:

S.No. Best Chemical Stocks in India
1.Ganesh Benzoplast
2.Ganesh Benzoplast
3.Chemfab Alkalis
4.Jayant Agro-Organics
5.Jyoti Resins & Adhesives
6.Balaji Amines
7.Thirumalai Chemicals
8.Meghmani Organics
9.Deepak Nitrite
10.Grauer & Weil (India)

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Chemical Stocks

  • A High Level of Competition

An investor would notice that, in the case of bulk, commodity, and integrated chemicals, one company’s goods are identical to those of another.

Customers can so easily move from chemicals manufactured by one producer to chemicals produced by another as a result.

Due to the commoditization and lack of distinctiveness in their goods, producers of bulk, commodity, and integrated chemicals face intense competition and have little control over customer price.

Because the lowest-cost producer sets the market price and all other producers are required to match it to prevent their consumers from transferring to the lowest-cost producer, they are price takers in the market.

  • For low-cost producers, economies of scale are significant.

As was said in the previous paragraph, resource chemical firms compete with one another on price as a result of the non-differentiable nature of their goods and the simplicity with which consumers may switch suppliers.

Common chemical production is also possible because to well-developed and accessible technologies.

Every producer of commodity chemicals can gain a competitive edge by being the lowest-cost manufacturer on the market.

Because the lowest-cost manufacturer sets the market price and everyone else must match it in order to succeed, doing this will ultimately benefit everyone.

  • Capital Intensity

Commodity chemical firms, as was previously said, often have a sizable production plant to benefit from economies of scale and conduct successful operations.

Before ever becoming relevant to its business, it is believed that a commodity or integrated chemical manufacturing must achieve a certain minimum threshold.

The commodity chemical sector must thus compete at the top level where economies of scale can lower the cost of production.

Investors would comprehend that a corporation in the commodity chemical industry needs to invest heavily in building a sizable facility in order to continue operations.

  • Exhaustive Survey

An investor would be aware that in order to maintain consistent profit margins, chemical producers—in particular the bulk chemical players—need to be fiercely cost-competitive.

The economy of scale is a key strategy used by corporations to produce bulk chemicals at minimal cost, as we said before.

Integrating provides chemical firms a competitive advantage that boosts their profit margins.

A higher level of integration also helps to reduce the volatility of manufacturers’ profitability since they may create several intermediary items internally, protecting them from the volatility of these products’ open market pricing.

Integration of operations helps companies reduce the risk of raw material shortage, particularly for those that are hard to get or don’t see a lot of trading.

Top Chemical Stocks in India: Overview

Below is a quick summary of some of India’s top chemical companies:

1) Super Crop Safe

By virtue of the Companies Act of 1956, Super Crop Safe Ltd was incorporated as a private limited company in Gujarat on February 9, 1987, with the intention of expanding as a trading business.

A special resolution was approved on January 16, 1992, changing the company’s status. On March 20, 1992, the Gujarat Registrar of Companies issued a fresh certificate of incorporation confirming the name change.

The business started selling a variety of insecticides made by Ms. Super Industries, one of its group companies. It is a well-known and leading chemical company in India.

2) Ganesh Benzoplast

The Indian firm Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd is in the business of offering climate-controlled storage facilities for bulk liquids and chemicals at several ports in India.

The firm manufactures and exports a range of specialty chemicals, food preservatives, and industrial lubricants. It works through two segments: the Chemical Division and the Liquid Storage Terminal (LST) Division.

3) Chemfab Alkalis

Chemfab Alkalis Ltd (CCAL), which also has a long history of environmental responsibility and workplace diversity, constructed the first membrane cell facility to make chloralkali in India.

It is one of India’s top 10 chemical firms. CCAL is another important chemical company that was among the first in India to effectively incorporate and apply new technologies while maintaining its leading position.

From its start, CCAL has made considerable investments in process and quality development, maintaining its operations at the cutting edge of technology.

4) Jayant Agro-Organics

In 2000, Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd was founded. It contains a cutting-edge technology castor seed-crushing plant that has been completely modernized.

The facility, which produces 75% of the nation’s castor seed, is located in Banaskantha, one of Gujarat’s major castor-growing districts.

The Kandla Port, from where we ship bulk oil, is nearby, and the plant is situated on a state highway, making it easily accessible.

Purchasing a share in Ihsedu Agrochem in 2013, the global chemical corporation Arkema joined forces with Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd as a joint venture partner. The joint company seeks to manufacture several grades of castor oil, both industrial and specialty.

5) Jyoti Resins & Adhesives

Jyoti Resins & Adhesives Ltd., a well-known business in the chemicals sector, was established in 1993.

Wood adhesives are one of the main product/revenue segments for Jyoti Resins & Adhesives Ltd. As a result, it frequently ranks as one of the top chemical companies for many investors that trade on the Indian stock market.

6) Balaji Amines

One of India’s main producers of aliphatic amines, Balaji Amines Ltd (BAL), was established in 1988 to fulfill the rising need for specialty chemicals with a greater perceived value.

BAL first started making methylamines in 1989. It then added facilities to produce methylamine, ethylamine, and additional derivatives of those two chemicals.

In order to provide clients with high-quality products at the most competitive pricing, BAL has continually grown its capacity and enhanced procedures.

Just a few firms in the world have access to amine technology, which is a carefully guarded process. But, BAL initially put a locally developed technology to the test there before continuing to work on it over time.

7) Thirumalai Chemicals

Thirumalai Chemicals Limited, a public limited company that is frequently regarded as one of the best chemical shares, was founded in 1972.

With an original installed capacity of 7500 mts per year, it was established to make PAN using technology given by Ch.F. Von Heyden and Davy Power Gas, Germany. The factory began manufacturing on a commercial basis in 1976.

8) Meghmani Organics

In 1986, Gujarat Industries was established as a joint business to make pigments. Gujarat Industries’ excellent production and profitability allowed it to transform into Meghmani Organics Ltd 1995, a joint stock corporation.

Since then, Meghmani Organics Ltd has added several insecticides and other colors to its lineup of goods.

Meghmani Organics Ltd, a leading manufacturer of pesticide and pigment products in the country, has received multiple major awards for its outstanding business performance.

9) Deepak Nitrite

Deepak Nitrite Ltd. is another firm that produces chemicals in India. Hyderabad, in Telangana, Roha, and Taloja, in Maharashtra, and in Nandesari, and Dahej, in Gujarat, are where the company’s production plants are located.

Deepak Nitrite manufactures a broad variety of chemicals, such as agrochemicals, colorants, rubber, pharmaceuticals, specialty, and fine chemicals.

10) Grauer & Weil (India)

In the surface finishing sector, Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd, popularly known as Growel, has blazed a route.

Growel offers complete corrosion protection solutions for all substrate types and industry sectors, making it one of the few companies in the world and the only one in India.

2016 saw Growel become the first surface finishing solution provider in India to be certified to AS 9100 standards.


The rising demand for chemical products is boosting India’s chemical inventories. Due to China’s prohibition on operations linked to the chemical sector, India is also currently focusing on several customers of chemical products.

Stockholders expect strong returns on their investments as a result of the growth in market share on a national and worldwide level.

Hence, while investing in the stocks of firms in the chemical sector, be careful to pick well-established companies that give reliable profits.

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