Buying A Car On EMI? Here’s the Guide

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Your first automobile is as least as lovely as your first love, but choosing to take out a car loan with EMIs is never an easy decision.

Thinking Of Buying A Car On EMI? Here’s The Best Guide

Your first automobile is as least as lovely as your first love, but choosing to take out a car loan with EMIs is never an easy decision.

Yet there is nothing like absolutely nothing like the joy of finally having something you’ve always desired but never had. This is possibly the driving factor for the widespread use of vehicle loan EMIs.

Simply said, your automobile is more than simply an asset, and the benefits extend beyond the financial horizon. Your automobile is a pricey, high-investment area where you may make memories.

You may simply acquire your automobile on EMI with the aid of a car loan from any XYZ Bank thanks to the various services that are available to help you make your dream a reality.

The actual deal, or the commencement of your auto loan EMIs, happens once the paperwork is completed, your request is processed, and you take home your dream car.

Taking out a vehicle loan is somewhat risky, and in order to keep the drives stress-free, the EMIs must be paid on time.

A missed EMI triggers a powerful cycle that increases debt, incurs fines, and most crucially, lowers credit scores.

This is the time when you need to remain calm and manage your monthly expenses and auto loan EMIs.

The following are some methods for managing your auto loan EMIs to help you further with this:

Cut Down Unnecessary Expenditures

Giving up on needless luxury is the most fundamental and common sense piece of advice. Shopping, buying new things, and fancy dining are always enjoyable, but when your auto loan EMI is an inevitable expenditure, you need to reevaluate your priorities.

Also, giving up expensive junk food may lead to a shift for the better in terms of health.

The most crucial factor for you to take into account is whether you have a tendency to spend lavishly.

Make a note of all the minor and large costs you will incur soon as a starting point. Once you’ve done that, figure out how much money you would have left over and adjust your spending accordingly.

Adhere to your strategy. This is the simplest and most fundamental technique to pay your vehicle loan EMIs on time.

Increase Your Dispensable Income

It would be nice if your income suddenly increased to cover your new costs now that you have an EMI for a vehicle loan to pay.

In a perfect world, though, things wouldn’t function in this way. The only option left is to increase your cash flow.

In order to balance out your auto loan EMI, this would require an increase in your disposable monthly income.

Cut off any investments that aren’t actually earning you a profit. You may simply increase your monthly income by 10% by doing your research and investing in options that will provide you with returns of at least 12–15%. This additional cash can be used to settle your EMI.


If you are having trouble with the current financing arrangement, you can in fact rearrange your auto loan’s EMI.

The EMI, loan payback period and interest rates are really adjusted by the banks based on your readiness and ability to make loan payments.

You may really transfer your auto loan to any other bank that is prepared to give a cheaper interest rate for your car loan EMI under the “Balance Transfer Schemes” as well.

As soon as you’re finished, the remaining principal is transferred to the new bank with new vehicle loan EMIs.

NOTE: Perform smart here, frequent switching of banks actually affects your credit score.

Also, moving banks costs a small fee that must be paid to the current bank, and the procedure takes some time. Just avoid becoming overly frequent.

Now that this is through, let’s look at why it’s so crucial to pay your auto loan EMIs on time:

  • Your financial future is in danger if you don’t pay your EMIs on time, are late, or skip them altogether.
  • Maintaining a good record with the banks is facilitated by your loyalty and punctuality, as they go above and beyond to assist you when you are in need.
  • EMI nonpayment has a significant negative impact on your credit score.
  • Paying on time improves your standing with the bank. Also, it makes room for exclusive offers and bargains from the service provider.

What should you do if you can’t afford your auto loan’s EMI?

Defer The Payments

Sometimes the issue is not that you are unable to pay the whole amount; rather, it is that you are not in a position to pay anything at all.

Banks genuinely provide you relief if you are certain that in a few months, your financial condition will improve and you will be able to pay your auto loan EMI. If this is the case, now is the perfect moment to explore new opportunities to boost your cash flow.

NOTE: When this amount of time has passed, your auto loan’s EMI will begin again, but this time it will also contain Delayed Payment Charges, which are similar to late fees.

Lump Sum Settlements

Naturally, this isn’t really a viable choice for your mortgage, but it is for your auto loan. Lump sum settlements, however, seriously harm your credit rating. In the near future, obtaining a loan will be a laborious task.

Include An EMI Safeguard Adding Coverage To Your Insurance Policy

There are possibilities where you may include an EMI Protection program in your auto insurance policy or your vehicle loan EMIs.

There are several advantages, but the main one is that your motor coverage will likely partially cover your EMIs if your automobile is totaled or damaged and the owner becomes ill and needs to stay in the hospital for longer than a certain number of days.

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