Can a Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Policy Benefit You?

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A car’s value decreases over time as a result of normal wear and tear. This devaluation has an effect on the claim settlement procedure and makes it more difficult to recover the cost of repairs and replacements.

Yet, by choosing zero-depreciation auto insurance, automobile owners may prevent such situations.

A zero-depreciation auto insurance policy has several advantages, including complete coverage of vehicle components without any deduction for depreciation, defense against financial losses from vehicle damages, and peace of mind in tumultuous circumstances.

However, before making a choice, it is crucial to balance the benefits against the increased premium expenses.

What Is a Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Policy?

It is a full-coverage auto insurance policy with 0% depreciation as an optional extra. Even if the automobile is just three months old, the depreciation of the vehicle is taken into consideration by every motor insurance policy.

As a result, while filing a claim, insurers won’t include depreciation if this coverage is chosen. so providing policyholders with full coverage.

For instance, if a person’s automobile is damaged in a collision, their insurance company won’t take anything away from the claim amount for depreciation.

Hence, the insurance company will be responsible for covering all replacement costs.

What Does a Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Cover?

Comprehensive coverage is provided by a solo auto insurance policy, however, there are certain restrictions.

A zero-depreciation auto insurance policy comes in handy in this situation since it pays for all damage-related expenses for rubber, metallic, and fiber elements without subtracting depreciation.

Nevertheless, engine damage coverage of this kind often does not cover leaks of oil or intrusion of moisture.

Additionally, this plan does not provide coverage for consumables, oil changes, or mechanical issues.

Hence, assertions about engine mounts, brake pads, wipers, batteries, and tires are invalid. Another name for zero depreciation is bumper-to-bumper insurance.

Who Can Opt for Zero Depreciation Car Insurance?

In India, everyone with a car has the option to purchase Zero Depreciation Car Insurance.

It is accessible for both new and used automobiles. The qualifying requirements, however, could change based on the age of the automobile and the insurance company’s policy.

As a result, it is wise to consult the insurance provider before acquiring the coverage.

Should You Choose Automobile Insurance with 0% Depreciation?

A comprehensive auto insurance plan that provides coverage for the full worth of your automobile without taking depreciation into account is known as zero depreciation car insurance, also known as nil depreciation or bumper-to-bumper insurance.


  • Coverage for the Entire Value of the Car

The insurance provider will pay the full insured value of the automobile in the event of a total loss or theft, disregarding depreciation.

  • No Reduction in Claim Amount

Replacement and repair of components are covered under the policy, with no deduction for depreciation.

  • Peace of Mind

You won’t have to be concerned about your car’s decreasing worth and how it can affect the amount of your claim.


  • Higher Premiums

Due to the substantial coverage provided, Zero Depreciation Car Insurance is more expensive than standard vehicle insurance policies.

  • Limited Policy Term

Typically, the coverage is only good for two to three years.

  • Limited Coverage

The engine, transmission, and battery are not covered by the policy; only the car’s parts and accessories are.

Ultimately, the worth of your car, your budget, and the level of coverage you need will determine which Zero Depreciation Car Insurance policy you purchase. Hence, it is always advised to compare different insurance policies and take into account your unique demands before making a choice.

Benefits of Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Policy

  • Complete Coverage

Zero depreciation insurance pays the whole cost of repairs and part replacements without taking into account the depreciation value of the components.

  • No Hidden Costs

Throughout the claim procedure, the policyholder is not responsible for any unforeseen or extra charges because the insurance provider will pay them all.

  • Higher Premium

Zero depreciation insurance often has a greater price than a typical insurance policy, but it provides full coverage.

  • Faster Claims Process

The claim procedure is speedier and more effective because it is not necessary to figure out how much the damaged parts have depreciated in value.

  • Protects Resale Value

    The zero depreciation insurance safeguards the car’s resale value by paying for replacements and repairs without taking depreciation into account.
  • Better Protection

This kind of insurance provides a stronger defense against mishaps and other dangers that might harm the car.

  • Peace of Mind

The policyholder may rest easy knowing that their car is completely covered against any damage or losses with zero depreciation insurance coverage.


A few things should be kept in mind if one plans to get this kind of insurance, such as the following: 

  • As was already said, a car must be brand new or less than five years old to be eligible.
  • Commercial vehicle owners are not eligible for this sort of plan because it is only available to privately owned automobiles.
  • Just the depreciation expenses of a car’s parts are covered under zero depreciation auto insurance. As a result, such plans do not pay for one’s required deductibles.

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