Best Two Wheeler Insurance in India

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Two-wheelers come in a wide variety of styles on the market today.

There is no necessity for anyone to purchase a specific sort of two-wheeler because each type has a varied set of characteristics and capabilities; instead, people may select whatever type they like based on their needs.

However, a two-wheeler owner should be aware that he needs insurance coverage for his vehicle; otherwise, if it is involved in an accident or is damaged by someone, he will be responsible for paying the costs of the repairs, which may be prohibitively expensive.

Because of this, it is wise to spend money on a quality insurance plan to protect yourself from potential damages.

Best Two Wheeler Insurance Plan in India

Some of the top two-wheeler insurance providers in India are as follows:

S.No.Name of the Insurance Company
1.IFFCO Tokio Two-Wheeler Insurance
2.HDFC ERGO Two-Wheeler Insurance
3.Universal Sompo General Insurance
4.Tata AIG Two-Wheeler Insurance
5.The New India Assurance
6.SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance
7.Bajaj Allianz Two-Wheeler Insurance
8.Navi Two-Wheeler Insurance
9.Edelweiss Two-Wheeler Insurance
10.Reliance Two-Wheeler Insurance

Factors To Consider While Choosing a Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan

You must make sure you are protected if you own a two-wheeler. Despite the minimal level of danger, obtaining the correct insurance is still crucial.

Before selecting the best two-wheeler insurance coverage, take into account the following factors:


Make sure your two-wheeler is adequately covered by the insurance policy. This covers third-party liability, personal accident insurance, and covering for vehicle damage.


You must pay a premium in order to purchase insurance coverage. Select insurance whose premium is affordable and provides good value for the money.

Claim Process

When selecting insurance coverage, take into account how quickly and easily claims are processed. Select a policy with a simple and effective claim procedure.

Add-on Covers

Look for insurance plans that provide extra coverages like engine protection, zero depreciation, and roadside assistance.

Network Garages

Find out if the insurance provider has a sizable network of auto repair shops where you may take your car in case of an accident.


Pick an insurance provider with a solid track record and sound financial position. This will guarantee that the business can cover claims as needed.

Policy Exclusions

Make sure you are aware of the policy’s exclusions so you won’t be surprised if a claim is made.


When selecting a two-wheeler insurance coverage, take the renewal procedure and the renewal premium into account.

Customer Service

Pick an insurance provider with friendly staff that is attentive to your needs.

Top Two Wheeler Insurance Plans: Overview

Bajaj Allianz Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan

One of the greatest two-wheeler insurance providers in India is Bajaj Allianz. This insurance policy provides protection for two-wheeler damages brought on by accidents, theft, fire, and natural catastrophes.

It offers a variety of add-on covers, including third-party liability cover, pillion rider cover, and protection for accessories, in addition to providing personal injury coverage for the rider.

HDFC ERGO Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan

This insurance policy provides protection for two-wheeler damages brought on by accidents, theft, fire, and natural catastrophes. It offers a variety of add-on covers, including third-party liability cover, pillion rider cover, and protection for accessories, in addition to providing personal injury coverage for the rider.

Additionally, it contains a “No Claim Bonus” provision that entitles policyholders to reductions in the renewal cost if they refrain from filing any claims throughout the policy’s duration.

IFFCO Tokio Two–Wheeler Plan

The leading insurance provider in India, IFFCO Tokio offers a range of insurance plans, including policies for two-wheelers. The insurance plan covers two-wheeler damage brought on by theft, accidents, natural catastrophes, and third-party obligations.

The two-age, wheeler’s manufacture, and model, as well as the policyholder’s preferred sum insured and location, are some of the variables that affect the premium for the plan.

Tata AIG Two-Wheeler Insurance

Your two-wheeler is protected against damage by the comprehensive insurance plan offered by Tata AIG. It also provides other coverage choices including roadside assistance, consumables coverage, and personal accident coverage.

Both new and old two-wheelers are eligible for the Two-Wheeler Insurance plan. Both online and through a Tata AIG insurance agent are options for purchasing it.

Navi Two-Wheeler Insurance

A comprehensive insurance plan created exclusively for owners of two-wheelers is the Navi Two-Wheeler Insurance plan. It covers unanticipated incidents like theft, natural catastrophes, and accidents that result in damage to your car.

The Navi Two-Wheeler Insurance plan has the following main components:

  • Defendants’ Liability Coverage: This takes care of any harm or loss suffered by a pedestrian or other third party in an accident involving your two-wheeler.
  • Own Damage Coverage: This insures damage to your car, including theft, fire, and natural catastrophe damage.
  • Personal Accident Cover: In the event of an accident involving your two-wheeler, this covers medical costs and death compensation.
  • 24/7 Road Help: In case of emergencies or breakdowns, the Navi Two-Wheeler Insurance plan covers roadside assistance services including towing, battery jump-starting, and fuel delivery.


Two-wheeler insurance’s primary goal is to safeguard your vehicle against theft or damage. These programs provide liability protection for your motorcycle. The owner can obtain third-party risk insurance and benefit from protection against theft, fire, or third-party damage.

The insurance company’s amenities are available to policyholders on a yearly basis. Additionally, obtaining these plans involves handy payment options because you may pay with cash, a debit card, UPI, etc.


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