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Prep Boyfriends is a young blonde man who has a slightly above-average build. His short, shiny blonde hair matches the bright clothing that he wears in most episodes. He has ocean-colored eyes and a delicate, handsome face.


Prep is a person who has a lot of energy and is kind to everyone. He can be seen to be moody or clingy at times, as in track 31, when he returns to the dorm to complain and then clings onto Goth to ask for hot chocolate.



prep boyfriends

Jock, to be precise, is his first boyfriend. They are very close and have a great deal of respect for each other. In many scenes, they were kissing passionately and with love.

However, one scene shows them making out on the bed. A goth enters and ruins the moment. Then he gets offended, saying “You guys didn’t invite me? He says “I’m injured”, then walks off.


Goth, despite not being the tallest person in the relationship, is the one who rules the relationship. Prep is his closest friend and he loves him very much.

He always shows this by being kind and willing to pat or hug him. Prep says that Goth was his first kiss and first hookup.

They were just friends with benefits, who occasionally had flings, according to Prep. Prep didn’t know that Goth was feeling for him due to his cold behavior. He thought they were just having a fling.


Nerd. Nerd’s cuteness and his adorable hair and face make Prep Boyfriends smile and blush. As shown when they went shopping to buy a shirt for Nerd because he spilled coffee on his shirt, it shows that they are very friendly and close.

Prep is also very loving and shy towards Nerd, who often gets mesmerized by Prep’s attractive features.

she and Goth were childhood friends. Prep tells Goth that he is tired of being single, and Goth responds by saying it’s not hard. Goth and Nerd help Nerd up after he drops his book. Goth notices the stickers that are on Nerd’s book.

Nerd tells Goth how he obtained the stickers, but then gets flustered. He asks if Goth wants to watch season two with him. Goth and Nerd swap phone numbers. Prep is told that this is how to get a guy’s number.

Prep is angry about the way Goth and Nerd trip while walking past Jock. Jock asks him if he would like to go to the coffee shop. Prep turns him away, unaware that Jock is flirting with her.

Jock calls Nerd out when he sees him reading near a basketball court. He says “This one is for you!” and winks. Before shooting a ball. Jock shoots it and it goes in. He tries again but accidentally hits someone. Jock is punched by his victim and gets a kiss from Nerd.

Prep invites Jock to a party, and Goth helps him. Goth advises Prep to go out and drink or do something else if he is nervous about talking with Jock.

Prep follows the advice. Jock asks Goth to dance when he notices him. Goth spills his drink on Jock and pins him to the wall. she and Jock play Jenga in Prep’s bedroom.

he is seated on a bench, and Nerd is seated next to him. Prep tells Nerd what happened with Jock, and Nerd comforts him. she tells Goth his boyfriend is too cute, referring specifically to Nerd.

Prep tells Goth that he is his boyfriend. The nerd is sitting on his lap. Goth tells Nerd he likes him a lot. Goth tells Nerd that he likes his roommate, as well as a guy who plays basketball on the court. Nerd says that he will not force Goths to polyamory if it’s something he doesn’t want.

Goth tells Nerd that he is not against the idea, because Prep Boyfriends and Jock also seem attractive to him. Nerd and Goth agree that they should hang out first before getting Prep or Jock involved in anything.

Prep is brought to the restaurant by Goth, where Nerd (and Jock) are. Prep flees to the bathroom when he sees Jock. Jock leaves to go to the bathroom. Prep and Jock then clear up any misunderstandings before returning to Nerd & Goth. They all enjoy themselves at the arcade.

Individual relationships develop between the four. Prep sleeps on Goth’s shoulders while Jock is with Goth and Prep. Goth tells Jock that it’s okay to be comfortable with your partner having sexual relations with other people.

He says that Nerd had the same conversation with him and that Jock can speak to Goth at any time if he wants to add more people to their relationship.

Prep wakes up and realizes he’s got a problem with boys. He is in love with Jock Nerd and Goth. Prep decides to tell Jock what’s going on, and they realize that both of them have feelings for the same guys, Nerd, and Goth.

Jock tells Prep about what he said to Goth and asks Prep whether he wants that. Prep accepts, and they meet to discuss the matter.

The four decide to go out but realize they are all inexperienced with relationships. The next day, they decide to discuss it further. Nerd kisses Prep, Jock, and Goth before leaving.

They meet again the next day and begin to establish some ground rules. They decide to open up to each other and allow each other to openly express affection. this decide to keep the relationship private so they don’t date random strangers.

the decide to visit the amusement park later. Nerd says he also wants cotton candy. Prep gives it to him when they get there. Goth takes a bit of Prep’s candy, which surprises and angers him. Prep kisses Goth after Prep is told to return the cotton candy by Goth.

Nerd, Jock, and others watch the scene with interest. Then, Prep almost forgot they were dating and Goth did not expect Prep to kiss him. Jock looks at the map so everyone can decide which direction they want to travel. Goth suggests they go to the house of horrors.

Everyone agrees. Goth then jokes about how they will be protected by a strong, big boy. Prep and Nerd immediately cling to Jock after he says that.

Arriving at the haunted home, they enter. Prep says it’s not that scary. Goth responds that he just freaked out. Nerd is scared and Jock tells Nerd that he should stay close. Jock is then scared by a jumpscare and leaps into Nerd’s arms. The two collapse. Prep and Goth are both poker-faced.

Prep Boyfriends says that Jock is a very scaredy cat after they leave the haunted home. Jock says that’s not true, and he gets startled very easily. Jock is hurt after the fall. They decide to rest while Goth gives him water. Nerd apologizes for not holding Jock up.

Jock replies that it’s fine and that he is sorry for jumping on Nerd. Jock replies that he’s fine, but is a bit winded after hitting his head while falling.

Nerd kisses Jock, to make him feel better. Prep Boyfriends and Goth were watching. Goth said that he wanted a kiss as well. Nerd says that they have to be hurt before they can kiss them.


The plot of the webtoon revolves around Boyfriends, which is why it’s a very popular ship. Boyfriends became even more popular after it was made a Webtoon Original. The ship became more popular when Boyfriends was made a Webtoon Original.

Due to the way, the webtoon emphasizes the relationships between the four characters, the various ships in The Boyfriends have also become popular.

The majority of the artwork for the ship comes from Refrainbow, the creator of the webtoon. However, there are a few pieces of fan art. Fan fiction is also present, with 8+ pieces of work on AO3 for the entire polycule.

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