Best Personal Loans in India 2023

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Banks and other financial organizations provide a variety of loans to satisfy different requirements. Technology has enabled the loan application procedure to expedite and advance over time.

Individuals may now have easy access to loans. The most prevalent loan instrument in India’s debt market is the personal loan. More than 78% of credit requests in India fall into this category.

Due to the fact that these loans are unsecured, many potential borrowers choose them.

A personal loan is essentially a quantity of money you borrow from a local bank, a lender online, or your credit union.

Upon receipt of the funds, you begin repaying the lender in accordance with a plan until the loan is paid off in full.

The most well-liked personal loan plans in India for 2023 are included in this blog. Continue reading to find out more about the unsecured personal possibilities offered by some of the major Indian banks that are being considered for this article.

Top Personal Loans Plans in India 2023

S.No.Personal Loan PlansInterest Rates
1.HDFC Bank Personal Loan10.50% p.a. onwards
2. ICICI Bank Personal Loan10.50% p.a. onwards
3.Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan13.00% p.a. onwards
4.Fullerton India Personal Loan11.99% p.a. onwards
5.IndusInd Bank Personal Loan10.49% p.a. onwards
6.Kotak Personal Loan10.99% p.a. onwards
7.Standard Chartered Personal Loan11.49% p.a. onwards
8.Cent Personal Loan (Central Bank of India)10.75% p.a. onwards
9.Bandhan Bank Personal Loan10.50% p.a. onwards
10.SBI Quick Personal Loan10.10% p.a. onwards

Considerations Before Selecting A Personal Loan

  • Documentation

Individuals must provide a number of papers, including income statements, bank statements, and ITR returns, in order to apply for Personal Loans.

  • Interest

The level of interest is strong. It is determined based on the applicant’s profile and ranges from 10 to 22%.

  • Tenure

With personal loans, the payback period is longer. For the majority of lenders, it normally fluctuates between 1 and 5 years.

  • Loan Amount

In the case of personal loans, the loan amount may be fairly significant. It depends on the person’s income profile and credit history.

  • Funds Disbursement

Money is given in a single lump payment. The money is sent from the lender straight to the borrower’s account.

  • Charges

Banks charge a variety of costs, including processing fees and late fees.

Best Personal Loan Plans for 2023: An Overview

1) HDFC Bank Personal Loan

In India, the HDFC Bank offers personal loans to both salaried workers and independent contractors. You may simply verify your own eligibility online.

You may check your eligibility for a pre-approved loan via NetBanking if you already have an HDFC Bank account. This is regarded as India’s top personal loan. 

Key Information

Interest RateLoan AmountTenureProcessing FeeMinimum Monthly Salary
11.00% p.a. onwardsUp to Rs 40 lakhUp to 6 yearsUp to Rs 4,999Rs 25,000

2) ICICI Bank Personal Loan

A personal loan application worth up to Rs. 50 lakhs at alluring interest rates to deal with unforeseen personal situations.

The ICICI Bank’s speedy approval process for personal loans would make borrowing easy for you.

Key Information

Interest RateLoan AmountTenureProcessing FeeMinimum Monthly Salary
10.50% p.a. onwardsRs 50,000-Rs 25 lakh1-6 yearsUp to 2.50% of the loan amountRs 30,000

3) Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan

With a Bajaj Finserv personal loan, you may borrow up to Rs. 25 lakhs at a reasonable interest rate. The total borrowing procedure is simplified by the loan’s complete openness and absence of any hidden costs.

Key Information

Interest RateLoan AmountTenureProcessing FeeMinimum Monthly Salary
13% p.a. onwardsUp to Rs 25 lakhUp to 5 yearsUp to 4% of the loan amountRs 22,000

4) Fullerton India Personal Loan

Fullerton India offers personal loans that are entirely open and simple to comprehend. The unique and tailored service includes an instant online application.

Online Personal Loans are immediately available from Fullerton, and the procedure is completely paperless. You may submit the user-friendly online application online.

Soon after the loan has been approved, you can have the money credited to your account.

Key Information

Interest RateLoan AmountTenureProcessing FeeMinimum Monthly Salary
11.99% p.a. onwardsUp to Rs 30 lakhUp to 5 yearsUp to 6% of the loan amountRs 20,000

5) IndusInd Bank Personal Loan

Low-interest personal loans from IndusInd Bank are readily available and may be used for a variety of purposes.

For speedy online Personal Loans, they provide swift processing and loan approval. IndusInd Bank offers personal loans up to Rs 25 lakh with rates beginning at 10.49% p.a. for durations up to 5 years.

Also, they provide speedy loan approval in a matter of minutes as well as immediate online processing of Personal Loans.

Key Information

Interest RateLoan AmountTenureProcessing FeeMinimum Monthly Salary
10.49% p.a. onwardsRs 30,000-25 lakhs1 to 5 years3% maximum of the approved loan amountRs 25,000

6) Kotak Personal Loan

You may get speedy cash from Kotak Mahindra Bank Personal Loans for any urgent financial demands.

You may use an immediate Personal Loan from Kotak Mahindra to finance a trip, a wedding, or unanticipated medical costs.

Key Information

Interest RateLoan AmountTenureProcessing FeeMinimum Monthly Salary
10.99% p.a. onwardsFrom Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 25,00,0001-5 yearsUp to 3% of the loan amountRs 30,000 (Varies)

7) Standard Chartered Personal Loan

One of the most well-known banks in the country, Standard Chartered, offers personal loans with affordable processing fees and low-interest rates.

The processing cost for a personal loan from Standard Chartered is up to 2.25% of the amount borrowed, with interest rates starting at 11.49%.

There are no limitations on how long it might take to repay the loan; it can take anywhere between 1 and 5 years. The maximum loan amount is Rs. 1 lakh.

Key Information

Interest RateLoan AmountTenureProcessing FeeMinimum Monthly Salary
11.49% p.a. onwardsRs 1 lakh-Rs 50 lakhUp to 5 yearsUp to 2.25% of the loan amountRs 22,000

8) Personal Loan in Cents (Central Bank of India)

The Central Bank of India offers personal loans with interest rates beginning at 9.85% annually. You are qualified for a Personal Loan under this scheme up to Rs. 10 lakhs with a maximum repayment period of 48 months.

The bank charges a processing fee of Rs. 500 for Personal Loans in addition to any applicable service taxes.

Key Information

Interest RateLoan AmountTenureProcessing Fee
10.75%-10.95% p.a.Up to Rs 10 LakhUp to 5 yearsWaived off up to 31st August 2023

9) Bandhan Bank Personal Loan

To suit any demand, Bandhan Bank offers personal loans. To accommodate an applicant’s preferences, the bank also offers a variety of customization possibilities.

Bandhan Bank offers personal loans with rates beginning at 10.5% p.a. for maturities up to 5 years for loan amounts up to Rs 15 lakh.

The bank promises that after obtaining the required papers in two business days, it would provide a Personal Loan.

Key Information

Interest RateLoan AmountTenureProcessing Fee
10.50% p.a. onwardsRs 50,000 – Rs 15,00,0001-5 years1% of the Loan Amount

10) SBI Quick Personal Loan

With durations up to 7 years and interest rates beginning at 9.60% p.a., SBI provides personal loans. The loan amount might range from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 20 lakhs, depending on your eligibility.

The processing fee might be up to 1.5% of the loan amount.

Key Information

Interest RateLoan AmountTenureProcessing FeeMinimum Monthly Salary
10.10%-14.60% p.a.Up to Rs 20 lakhUp to 6 yearsUp to 1.50% (Maximum Rs 15,000)Rs 15,000


This is a list of the best personal loan programs available in India as of 2023. In addition to the ones just mentioned, a number of different lending programs in India offer speedy personal loans.

Due to growing consumer awareness and acceptance since a few years ago, the industry has expanded and attracted a number of new companies.

When signing up for any loan program, you should always carefully read the terms and conditions to make sure you comprehend the borrowing and repayment terms.

Please keep in mind that this site exists just to provide information. Make sure to conduct your own research before selecting one of the aforementioned loan options.

Disclaimer: This blog is solely for educational purposes. The securities/investments quoted here are not recommendatory.

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