How to Get a Car Loan in India?

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In India, vehicle loans are used to buy the majority of cars. When you don’t immediately have access to adequate financing, this is your best choice. 

In these situations, people choose a loan that can be paid back in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) over a pre-determined term length. 

But, in order to streamline the procedure and obtain the loan without any issues, we must fully grasp it before applying for car loans. 

The following is a detailed list of requirements you must meet in order to be approved for a vehicle loan in India:

Step 1: Shortlist your Car

You must first narrow down the cars you wish to buy before diving into the specifics of the auto loan. 

Your loan will be approved based on the manufacturer and type of vehicle. Keep in mind that lenders in India often grant loans for new automobiles up to 85% of the ex-showroom price. 

You may also be eligible to borrow up to 100% of the ex-showroom price in some circumstances. Typically, this proportion is substantially lower for used autos. Y

ou may move on with the eligibility check for your auto loan once you’ve narrowed down your options.

Step 2: Check your Eligibility

The following elements would essentially determine your eligibility for a car loan:

  • The car’s make and model.
  • Age.
  • both overall job experience and employment history with the present employer
  • The complete length of the business must be specified for self-employed people.
  • proof of income.

Step 3: Choose the loan’s term, amount, and EMIs.

After your eligibility has been established, you may select the loan amount you need and use a variety of auto loan calculators to assess your options.

You might just require a little amount if you’ve previously made a down payment in some circumstances. 

Also, you must choose the loan term depending on the monthly payments you are comfortable making. 

You may also look at the numerous online auto loan EMI calculator choices. The loan size, loan term, and interest rate of the auto loan must all be carefully taken into account because they will have an effect on the entire cost of the car and the loan.

Step 4: The Interest Rate and Other Charges Should Be Negotiated

Interest rates on auto loans are typically fixed. But, if you have a good credit rating, buy the automobile from a reputable dealer, and provide all required documentation accurately, you can haggle for the same.

If you believe that interest rates will decrease, you can also postpone your decision. The cost that the lender assesses to you in order for you to gain from financing the automobile for you is essentially represented by the interest rate.

See whether there are any other charges as well. The majority of lenders also charge processing costs. 

Depending on the lender you have chosen, this might range from 0.4% to 1% of the loan amount.

In order to get the most out of your automobile and the entire loan package, it is necessary to look at the list of vehicles that the lender finances.

Indeed, you might think of the interest as an additional cost of the automobile that you would have to pay to the lender over the duration of the loan term. 

In order to calculate the actual cost that you would have to pay over time, you must take account of this and add this component to the overall cost of the automobile.

Early closure or foreclosure incurs additional fees in addition to the loan’s partial payment. If you intend to pay off the loan before the due date, you must also look into these fees. Furthermore, take notice that there are no tax advantages for auto loans in India.

Step 5: Provide Relevant Documents

You must always have your identification, residence, and income documentation on hand. 

Your procedure will be practically over after the lender receives the pertinent paperwork. The following is a list of the specific documents you will need to have the loan approved:

  • Any of the following can be used as identification proof: an Aadhar card, passport, pan card, driver’s licence, voter ID, etc.
  • Any of the following can be used as address proof: a phone bill, an electricity bill, an Aadhar card, a ration card, a life insurance policy, a passport, a voter ID, a driver’s licence, etc.
  • Form 16 and the most recent pay stubs as evidence of income
  • Also, sole owners who are self-employed must produce their most recent income tax returns as well as six-month bank statements.
  • Additionally, self-employed people who own a partnership, private limited company, or public limited company must provide an audited balance sheet, a profit and loss account for the previous two years, company income tax returns for the previous two years, and a bank statement for the previous six months.

Step 6: Book your Car

When the loan has been approved, the lender will put the money in your account. Now that the payment and booking are complete, you may go to the dealer. 

Read about the factors you should take into consideration before choosing a vehicle loan to better understand how one functions.

Instant Digital Loans for Purchasing Car

Now that you are aware of the entire procedure, you must imagine it to be a time-consuming hassle. 

But, you may also get rapid loans within a few hours in our digital era. PaySense offers hassle-free, immediate financing in three easy steps. 

The loan is approved and transferred into your account within a few hours of the application being submitted, which takes only a few minutes. Safe travels!

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