The Top 5 Health Insurance Options for 2023

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A form of plan that aids in helping you pay for medical costs is called a health insurance policy in India. This can apply to dental work as well as prescription medicines and other medical expenses.

These programs are intended to provide you with a safety net against medical costs, which may be quite beneficial if you need to pay for an unanticipated medical emergency.

Because they don’t want to have to pay out-of-pocket for medical bills if they are sick or hurt, many individuals decide to get health insurance.

Your demands should be taken into account while selecting a health insurance plan. Some firms charge less for extra coverage than others.

The Indian government regulates health insurance coverage, and there are several types of plans available.
Hospitalization is the most typical type of insurance coverage.

This kind of insurance often pays for any pre-existing illnesses as well as all hospital-related medical costs. Additionally, it will frequently include protection for non-hospital treatments like diagnostic exams and prescription medications.

Many plans also include outpatient care, allowing you to receive medical attention for illnesses or injuries at home rather than in a hospital.

Prescription drug coverage is another benefit provided by health insurance plans, and it may be particularly beneficial if you require medicine for an ongoing illness or injury.

Some businesses provide coverage for hearing aids, eye care, and dental insurance. Due to the high expense of purchasing individual health insurance policies without aid from an employer, this form of coverage is often exclusively provided through employer-sponsored plans.

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5 Best Health Insurance Policies in 2023

The greatest health insurance plans in India are listed below:

Best Health Insurance Plans in India

1.Max Bupa Health Companion Plan
2.Apollo Munich Optima Restore Health
3.Cigna TTK ProHealth Plus
4.Royal Sundaram Health Lifeline Supreme
5.Aditya Birla Active Assure Diamond Plan

The Things To Think About Before Selecting Indian Health Insurance Plans

People are choosing health insurance policies in greater numbers as a result of the growing expense of medical treatment. If you’re one of those people seeking a cheap health insurance option, you should think about the following things before selecting a plan:

Claim Process

When selecting a health insurance strategy, you must take the claim procedure into account. The claim procedure is crucial when selecting a health insurance strategy.

Although the procedure might differ from plan to plan, it’s crucial to know how each business handles claims before enrolling. You should confirm that the business handles disputes effectively and speedily.

A competent organization will have a procedure in place that facilitates the quick resolution of claims while also taking into consideration the particular requirements of each and every customer.

Insurance Amount

It’s crucial to consider how much coverage your health insurance plan offers. Age and gender are two variables that might affect this, so it’s crucial to know what sort of coverage you’re getting before enrolling.

You should think about how much coverage you are receiving for your monthly price. Based on how much medical care you will require and how much it will cost to pay for those costs, you should make this decision.

Lifetime Renewal

The majority of insurance providers provide lifetime renewals, which means that you will only need to pay a certain sum each year and no more fees after that. This is among the nicest aspects of these programs because it lowers your monthly expenses.

Network hospitals

Whether or if the hospital network covers all of the main hospitals in your region is another aspect you should take into account when selecting an insurance plan. If they don’t, getting treated there if something happens while you’re there can be challenging.

This might cause delays, which could then cause issues when it’s time for therapy or surgery.

5 Best Health Insurance Policies In India: Overview

1) Max Bupa Health Companion Plan

A complete health insurance program with a choice of individual or family floater choices is the Max Bupa Health Companion plan.

It offers specialized insurance plans that are simple to adapt to the requirements of various clients.
In order to meet the various insurance demands of different consumers, this plan offers three distinct cover versions ranging in value from Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore.

Some Features and Benefits of the Plan are:

  • If the insured is hospitalized for covered sickness, the plan pays the related medical costs.
  • Even pre-hospitalization costs of up to 30 days and post-hospitalization costs of up to 60 days are covered by the plan for any disease that is included.
  • As long as the room is not a suite or higher than the category of a room, it pays hospital lodging charges without any upper limit.
  • In-patient coverage for complementary therapies like homeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, etc. is also included in this plan.
  • It provides a refill benefit, allowing for the future claim of an extra payment equal to the base sum covered for a variety of unconnected and unrelated illnesses after the insured has used up the base insured amount.

2. Apollo Munich Optima Restore Health

A cutting-edge family health insurance program called Optima Restore.
This policy includes a restoration benefit that, in the event that any family member uses up the covered amount, instantly restores it.

Some Features and Benefits of the Plan are:

  • The spouse, dependent children, parents, and parents-in-law of the proposer are also covered under the family form of this insurance policy.
  • The medical costs incurred if hospitalized for more than 24 hours are covered by the plan.
  • The plan gives coverage before hospitalization for up to 60 days and coverage after hospitalization for up to 180 days.
  • If both the basic sum insured and the multiplier benefit have been used up, this plan automatically restores the base amount covered. On a yearly basis, it is accessible.
  • If the insured meets the average step count objective within the allotted period as per Apollo’s mobile app, the plan gives a discount on the renewal of the policy. Being active entitles you to this unique discount.
  • According to the multiplier benefit, the plan pays a bonus of 50% to 100% of the insured amount at the time of policy renewal for each year without a claim.
  • Upon renewal, the bonus will be reduced by 50% of the insured amount if a claim is made or processed.

3) Cigna TTK ProHealth Plus

You get value for your money with the Cigna TTK ProHealth Plus Plan for health insurance. The premium is reasonably priced and the coverage features are comprehensive.

Additionally, this plan offers wellness packages, premium savings, and awards for good health.

Some Features and Benefits of the Plan are:

  • Depending on the demands of the insurer, the plan offers four alternatives for the quantity insured: Rs. 4.5 lakhs, Rs. 5.5 lakhs, Rs. 7.5 lakhs, and Rs. 10 lakhs.
  • The plan provides coverage before hospitalization for up to 60 days and coverage after hospitalization for up to 180 days.
  • Additionally, the plan provides worldwide emergency medical care. The insured may use this benefit when traveling overseas up to the amount covered, and the insurer will refund them subsequently.
  • This plan provides a yearly reimbursement of Rs. 2,000 for outpatient expenses including pharmaceutical costs and medical visits, among other things..

4. Royal Sundaram Health Lifeline Supreme

Lifeline Supreme, a complete health insurance plan offered by Royal Sundaram, offers yearly physicals, health and wellness benefits, and a second opinion in the event of a serious sickness, among other things.

Some Features and Benefits of the Plan are:

  • There are several insured sum amount options available for this plan, including Rs. 5 lacks, Rs. 10 lacks, Rs. 15 lacks, Rs. 20 lacks, and Rs. 50 lakh.
  • For the medical care of a covered sickness, the plan reimburses pre-hospitalization charges for 60 days and post-hospitalization expenses for 90 days.
  • When the policy is renewed, a no-claims incentive of 20% to 100% of the insured amount is offered. The no-claim bonus is kept even if a claim is filed.
  • Even alternative medical practices like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and homeopathy are covered by the plan up to a maximum of Rs. 30,000.
  • The plan pays for the costs associated with consulting a different physician for a second opinion on the diagnosis and treatment of 11 certain serious conditions.

5. Aditya Birla Active Assure Diamond Plan

Birla, Aditya The Active Assure Diamond Plan is a low-cost health insurance option that provides a variety of advantages and extensive insurance coverage.

The plan is designed to provide all-inclusive medical insurance coverage.

Some Features and Benefits of the Plan are:

  • In the event that the sum insured and no claim bonus/super no claim bonus is used up, the plan provides to reload the sum insured. For hospitalization due to an unrelated sickness, the insured is eligible for up to 150% of the extra sum insured (a maximum of Rs. 50 lakhs) under this coverage.
  • Pre-hospitalization charges are covered by the plan for 60 days, and post-hospitalization costs are covered for up to 180 days.
  • Up to the predetermined level, the plan even covers alternative medical practices including Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and homeopathy.
  • A doctor from a hospital designated in the network may provide a second opinion for a serious critical condition like cancer, heart disease, or renal failure under the terms of the plan.

It also includes individualized coaching from a medical practitioner who will advise the insured person whether he or she has diabetes, asthma, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, or other conditions.

It is crucial to plan forward for your future health since, as the adage goes, “Health is Wealth.” The best approach to prepare for unpredictable and unforeseen future medical bills is to maintain good health.

The market offers a number of different types of health insurance. Choosing the appropriate insurance plan that meets your demands and fits within your budget is also crucial.


Medical expenditures in India are covered through health insurance programs. Primary healthcare, hospitalization, maternity, and neonatal care, children’s services, lab services, and other medications are some of them.

You should carefully assess your demands and tailor your insurance to them. You should thoroughly read the policy before buying it. The amount ensured, illnesses covered, network hospitals, the claim-handling process, and other important factors need to be carefully considered.

One strategy that works well for someone else might not be the greatest strategy for you. Therefore, select the plan that will suit you the best based on your demands.

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